Monday, November 22, 2010

A Huge Thumbs Up For Oath Keepers

I have one real regret in life (as opposed to many minor pseudo-regrets :-)

I regret that I never served in the military. I come from a family where all the men in the generations prior to mine served their country. My father, my uncles, my grandfathers- all are Veterans.

But not me. I'm a spoiled college puke. Ok, granted, I paid for a sizeable percentage of my education myself (I have 3 degrees- two of which I financed completely on my own) - but I admit- I'm still spoiled.

Now, I have a myriad of excuses for why I never enlisted, ranging from "I was already in college when Desert Storm got underway" to "I spent the entire decade of my 20's (and a sizeable percentage of my 30's) in school. 

So why the personal regret, you ask? Simple- I never got to swear an oath to defend our Constitution before God and my brethren.

Many in the military probably live their lives in blissful ignorance of the real underlying power of that pledge.  

It's pretty long, but you have got to read this article about Oath-Keepers:

I was intrigued by some of the under-currents in the interview- such as how many people have formally signed up with Oath Keepers as opposed to how many might simply hold similar values but are unwilling to associate themselves by signing up with a centralized group (I would certainly fall into the 2nd category if I were in law enforcement or the military)

I salute everyone who has served, or are serving today, and are making the effort to understand that which they are sworn to defend, and are solidifying their personal conviction and their lack of willingness to blindly obey unconstitutional orders...

and even though I've never worn a uniform to work- I will stand by my neighbors to defend the Constitution as if I had.

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