Thursday, May 17, 2012

Compromise is often the Antithesis of Sound Judgement

Compromise is often the Antithesis of Sound Judgement

I just thought of that little soundbite...  Consider it the next time someone tries to convince you that you need to bend your reasoning away from what you know is right, just to make someone else happy....

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  1. Robert, I saw your late reply to me on Rick's forum and made an even later one that I doubt that you'd notice. I'll repeat it here:

    Robert, you make some good points, but debate serves to help me form concepts in my own mind or at least helps me to clarify and elaborate them for my personal understanding – it’s up to others whether they choose to use these ideas for their own understanding of my perspective – whether or not they will share it – or as a challenge to their cherished dogmas, causing them, as in Benjamen’s case, to boil over with anger and sputtering rage.

    Debate also helps me to learn from my mistakes and misleading generalizations. Even when I “win” a debate, countering criticism helps me to refine my understanding and broaden my perspective; but what can be more memorably rewarding than to actually “lose” a debate, undergo a shift in my paradigm/s; and that giddy feeling of wonder and delight that comes with a liberating new perspective?

    Mark Uzick