Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Neither the "US Government", nor "The United States Government", nor " The Government of the United States"  is a real person, nor are any of the above a valid State sanctioned by its resident occupants.

The government of the US is a Trust.

Therefore, such an entity is afforded no rights by the Constitution for the united States of America. All rights declared by the Constitution are reserved for the individual, and by extension, the States within which these individuals reside.

Consider that as you contemplate how such a non-person entity has FOUND AND DECLARED ITSELF to be "entitled" to murder the occupant citizens of this land with no regard to law nor due process.

Only a King (or other form of dictator) entitles themselves to commit legally sanctioned murder against thier own "subjects"

The good news is that we are very near the bottom of this rat-hole.  The climb out will be tough, but at least there will be the light above to guide us.

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