Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why America will make it, even if the United States does not.

I'm sick of reading about the debt ceiling. Seriously. Let’s just get this default underway and move on to the cleanup process, shall we?
I was born in the late 1960’s: Too late to observe the race riots, the hippie movement, or the Vietnam War based social upheaval; so my understanding of these events is derived only by what I’ve read, juxtaposed with my observations of certain historical parallels occurring today around the world.
One thing jumps out at me: back then, Americans seemed to be moved to activism more readily, while today, everyone is waiting… waiting for “another shoe” to drop. Waiting to see their stock accounts wiped out again. Waiting to see gasoline rise to 50% of their monthly expenses. Waiting for the government to announce the next layer of added “security” at the airport. Waiting for the debt ceiling to be raised in the 11th hour before Tim Geithner officially declares the end of the civilized world…
Meantime, I enjoy talking to people. I enjoy hearing their viewpoints.
I ask people if they think America is a free land- the answer is always (100% of the time) “yes”
I ask people if they trust the United States government- the answer is always “no”.
I ask if they believe in the integrity of an economy organized primarily by a military industrial complex that exists only to secure fuel supplies, build planes and tanks, and run that fuel through those planes and tanks killing the people that stand in the way of securing more fuel- The answer is always “no”.
Sometimes, just for kicks, I ask people if they believe the US President is qualified for the office he holds- surprisingly, the answer is “no” more often than it is “yes”.
Then I start asking the hard questions, like “what do you think we can do about it?” and the answers start getting a little frightening, because most often the response is “They have to raise taxes”; to which I always follow up  with “Who are THEY? The same people that endorse the destructive policies that are creating this mess?” – I usually get a stunned silence in return.
I ask if it is the job of the many to finance the destructive whims of the few? – This question rarely gets a yes or no, but that’s ok, because it is intended only to inspire thought.
 I then proceed to drill a little deeper and ask if people WANT to pay more in taxes, the answer is always “no”.
So, with a solid foundation poured, I ask my final question:
“So, do you truly live in a free land when you are forced to relent to doing something you don’t want to do, only because someone else tells you it’s what’s best for them?"
The only correct answer to that question is “no”, and yet the most common reply is “no, but…”
No, But...  and the "buts" always run a gambit of excuses from “the US is spoiled” to “We have too much while the people we kill around the world have too little”, or, “If we don’t keep a strong military, the boogeyman will get us”
Now, most analytically minded, self reliant souls would probably immediately dismiss the respondent as just another sheep- waiting for the sheers to come out, but I see something different.
I see a nation of people who are absorbing and harboring an enormous amount of guilt (whether willingly or sub-consciously) for the actions of the few who declare themselves “leaders” as they recklessly pursue destructive agendas around the globe.
I believe that people are slowly realizing that within the United States’, ethics and integrity have been compromised. Even if they do not understand the complexity of the problem, or what they can personally do about it- a growing number of us do realize that something is terribly wrong, and more and more are awakening to this realization every day. In other words, more and more citizens of the United States are starting to realize that they are actually Americans.

It was Edmund Burke who famously stated that “Evil is allowed to flourish when good men do nothing”; and a sizable number of the “awakened” among us alarmingly hold no faith that America will grow the backbone necessary to revolt against the growing corruption and tyranny of the United States Government. I don’t believe that for one second.
I believe in markets, and there is a market out there for information and understanding, and this market is growing relentlessly. People are beginning to pay attention to things that they never did before. They still might not understand exactly what is going on, and they might not be able to distinguish truth and fact from lies and misinformation, but at least they are perking up and starting to see trends in motion.
Behind every lie, there lives a corrupted truth. As this market for information grows, the information must be distributed and disseminated as either truth or lie by as many people as possible. Now you know why I write.
So, how will America survive? Because America isn’t a place; America is a common spirit founded exclusively upon the integrity of Truth, Justice, and Liberty.  Period.  
It is only the United States where Justice has been corrupted (by Federal Law) in order to allow Truth to be perverted by lies in order to deny Liberty. This place is NOT America.
America is, once again, the growing  group of people that is slowly realizing that the corrupt military industrial economy is financed by bank notes that are backed only by the “Full faith and credit of the United States”, and these bank notes are losing purchasing power (globally and domestically)at a remarkable rate- Do you think this is an accident? It may not be what the war-mongering power brokers want to see; and they will not go down without a fight and, unfortunately, without more economic pain; but the underlying trend isn’t an accident, and the movement is not going to lose momentum.
Self-awareness is the first step to understanding the world you live in, and people are slowly becoming aware that things are just not right. 
Information, integrity and truth are always a far more powerful currency than lies, fear and corruption.
If the United States fails, everyone doesn’t die- the sun doesn’t stop rising, and most importantly- we will not cease to be Americans.
America will make it, because I believe it will- and as Captain America says- we all have to stand up for what we believe.

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