Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Robert At His Truly Most Random...

No long winded thesis today....  just some juicy tidbits to inspire some thought:

1) The Military Industrial complex:
Our (the good ole UsofA's) military only exists to secure oil in order to maintain the policy of killing foreigners. We extract oil, and burn it in the planes and tanks we use to invade other countries, in the interest of securing more oil to run through our tanks and planes as we look for still other countries to invade in the interest of securing more oil... Brilliant in it's elemental stupidity.

Our military has not defended a US border since the war of 1812. (that was 199 years ago, friends)...

and no, Pearl Harbor does not count. Hawaii was not a state during WWII. Hawaii was a sovereign territory that did not become a US commonwealth until AFTER WWII was already underway. Neither does the Civil War count since the North (represented by the same Federalist Union Army that serves as today's military) invaded the South, not the other way around.

2) Speaking of the Civil War:
The more I study this dark time in history, the more convinced I become that this is the period where the US train left the tracks of Liberty. In the interest of sovereignty, the South should have been allowed to succeed. Slave ownership would still have become a dead practice within 5 years, without all the bloodshed.

3) The Birth Certificate:
Bah, I'd rather see why he's hiding his college records. Perhaps they expose the fact that the first digit in his Cum GPA was a 2...? At any rate- Any President who publically espouses greater governmental transparancy while simultaneously hiding his own dirty laundry from public view is clearly a hypocrite, and certainly not trust worthy. People with nothing to hide, hide nothing.

3) The US Media:
Completely corrupted by the fact that journalists have sold themselves and their ethics down the river as a matter of job security... the pussies.

4) 2012 and the Mayan calendar:
Dec21 will not get here soon enough for me. Let's get this shit over with already and move on to what's next.

5) Bankers:
Scape-goats. Bankers did not cause the mess we're in- they are just to stupid to understand that they are tools of a corrupt system. The core problem at the heart of current economic issues is that people have lost sight of what's IMPORTANT, and what is not. I blame this on the endless, in your face, now is the most important moment of your life stimulation being piped into our brains by the LEAST important information sources out there. It reminds me of the experiment where the electrode was inserted into the pleasure center of the monkey's brain and he was trained to hit one of two buttons- one to trigger the pleasure sensor, and the other to give him food... and the monkey promptly starved himself to death, while the pleasure stimulating button was nearly worn out. It's pure addiction.

6) Speaking of Technology:
I'd rather be fishing than texting.

7) Speaking of Fishing:
I wish I was, right now.

8) Speaking of wishing:
I wish I was retired.

9) Speaking of Retirement:
I better get back to work or else I will never be able to...

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