Friday, November 16, 2012

An open declaration to all liberal Social Progressives, and all corporatist Neo-Conservatives

You are all intellectual vacuum tubes.




Now, I'm not prone to name calling in my first-person relationships (unless you REALLY do something to prove you deserve the title)  but man,  following this last election, I really feel like I need to step up the rhetoric and get my intellectually disadvantaged co-workers, neighbors, and social acquaintances to TRY looking at a bigger picture of the world.

In the world (the Universe, actually), there is reality, and there is perception.

Reality is what it is - Reality will not be denied, no matter how enthusiastically you try to "believe" it away.

Reality is the asteroid that suddenly falls out of the sky and causes a mass extinction on Earth, REGARDLESS of whether or not anyone expected to end up dead or extinct when they woke up on that particular morning....

Reality tends to get really scary when it inspires you to consider possible (and plausible) future events and circumstances.

For this very reason,  reality simply has little sway over common popular perception. What a person believes is typically more important to them than the possible (or plausible) truths that might invalidate their perception, their beliefs, and potentially the underpinnings of their entire system of faith.

So, people look to others for shared perspectives, shared viewpoints, and shared systems of faith. They use the "birds of a feather" mantra, and the "strength in numbers" fallacy to create a sense of personal security and belonging that appeals to their ego, and keeps their id complacent (if not satisfied)

And so, they vote.

They vote for the preservation of their comfort. They don't vote for what's right, and they don't vote against what's wrong.... they simply vote for what appeals to them most at that particular point in time.

In other words - nobody votes to tear the entire system down - EVERYBODY who votes is first and foremost voting to preserve the system.

The system must be preserved at all costs, and THAT is where my basic premise finds its footing:

The US based system at present is collectivist National Socialism (I'm referring to the concept; not to be confused with the failed Nazi party of Germany, nor the mouth-breathing, swastika-wearing retards who have run around the backwoods of the US, screaming about the genetic supremacy of disadvantaged white morons ever since)

GWB, Karl Rove, and Zionist Neocons like them provide (and sensationalize) the Nationalist component.

Obama,  and brainless progressive elitists (academia) like him, provide (and sensationalize) the Socialist component.

Taken together, the pendulum just swings back and forth between "Nationalized Socialism" (the Progressive platform) and "Socialized Nationalism" (the Neocon Platform)

So, you have Republican Neocons who want to turn us all into Nationalist "patriots", and you have Democrats wanting to turn us into Socialist "progressives"

There is nowhere on the spectrum allowed for individuality and  the clairvoyance of personal thought. You are either "with us" or you are "with them", which makes you "against us" by default.

Well, I'm against everybody who is against "them"; for "they" are me, and I have given you no reason to be against me...

So, stop calling me one of "Them"

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