Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Examining the bigger "bigger picture"

I've  had a Eureka moment.

A review of current trends:

1) The western governments are actively oppressing the rich(er) members of society with threats of new taxes, etc.
2) Naturally, (as Rand so eloquently predicted), the rich are rebelling, ex-patriating, and heading for Argentina (or elsewhere)

Guys like Doug Casey, Bill Bonner, et al  seem to think that escape is the only rational option (even though the threat of taxation attached itself to the US citizen like a leech and follows them wherever they may travel), so one must ask what it REALLY is that these guys are running from. 

Or, are they actually MARKETING the escapist mindset in order to generate more income for themselves by appealing to our "flight" response, as opposed to selling letters encouraging us to dig in and arm ourelves, to appeal to our "fight" response (like that ultra-lame doomsday prepper show on TV does).

Now, here's my epiphany - in the grander scheme, this is all by design. Maybe not the design of people, or governments (or Bilberberger groups), but maybe by Nature itself.

Concentration within any market (or any natural population) is corruptive and damaging in the long term; and decades of concentrated entrepreneurial spirit in the western developed world has built up this grand economic Acropolis, but it has also allowed us to cross the threshold into this dark place of current circumstance where entrepreneurism is confused with greed,and is therefore seen as corruption in the same way greed is.

The historical lesson of how Democracy failed in Athens (leading to the rebirth, and Plato's Republic) is today being replayed on the global stage.

Conceptually, Democracy and Communism are the EXACT same thing, and they must always fail, just as they have always failed before. The whole can not be better than the sum of its parts when individual personal psychology gets thrown into the mix.

The "machine" of the smooth running utopian society has a flawed design element:  Personal choice NEVER acts as a lubricant in the gears - it acts more like sand.

The politicians, by doing what they are doing, are merely forcing a "cleansing" of the entrepreneurial spirit, and they are pushing it out into more frontier global economic territories. I don't think this is deliberate (they aren't that smart), but it is a naturally beneficial side-effect of mass political stupidity.

As stupidity concentrates itself, intelligence expands outward until it eventually surrounds and contains the stupidity.

I don't think western civilization is going to collapse as a result of this...  I think it will decline somewhat further as economic energy shifts to more frontier emerging markets; but I do think the stupidity-based political power structure in the developed world will collapse long before society does.

Again- it is not a coincidence that the death of Democracy (the first time it was tried) occured in the exact same place that Democracy is beginning to die again today: Greece (and the greater Eurozone in general). Nature is not without a sense of irony. 

The mythical "New World Order" is going to become nothing more than a global monetary and economic Republic.

Let's just hope we can find the Global Thomas Jefferson-caliber thinkers to draft the appropriate Constitution to support such a Republic.

There's your dose of thought fuel for today.

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