Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yay, the election's over (Thank God)

Well, the people have chosen whom they believe to be the lesser of the two great evils.

It seems that ambiguous, self claimed Christian-Muslim hybrids who stand on a pillar of personal accomplishment that is actually more of a flat stone than a true pillar, are perceived to be less evil than white skinned mormons with perfect hair, who made a ton of money by using debt to destroy other people's companies...   

That in itself is interesting, but not fascinating.

What is fascinating is the emotional outcry and the vitriol of the "losers"...

Now, I applaud all of you for caring as deeply as you seem to.

But I concurrently question the intellectual efficacy of this care.

If you don’t personally know a person, then why do you prefer to expend energy investing your sentiment into their personal actions? I'm just curious...

Find people you KNOW. Help them if they need it, and if they are willing (and reciprocal) recipients (ie: they possess the character and integrity of someone who might someday return the favor during your time of personal need).

Obama’s actions can impact your personal prosperity ONLY if you bought into the false premise of a flawed financial system that promised you that the future would always be robust enough to offset the burdens of the present.

You live in the here and now. Today is where you reside.

Tomorrow is something to PREPARE for. It is not something to EXPECT (think very carefully about the difference between those two terms)

The universe (nature, Earth, humanity, reality, God) owe you NOTHING; so you have no right to feel victimized when tomorrow comes, and your expectations are not met.

“I paid into the system- I only want what’s mine”
- pure heresy.

What you pay is GONE the moment you pay it. ALL refunds are at the discretion of the recipient.
Well, this particular recipient (the collective US citizenry) is telling you that they will NOT be returning what you provided them in good faith.

You can waste your energy crying “Foul!” and “No Fair!” and other “Boo Hoo”s; but your energy will be as wasted as a shout of “Echo” into the Grand Canyon.

A system that was always based on nothing more than collective faith, is failing. That is not an inflammatory personal opinion – it is a point of view based on rational examination of empirical data.

Demonizing someone (anyone) for their actions (however misguided those actions may seem) is merely a reflection of how little thought you have personally given to your own efficiency and harmony as a living spirit.

Place your faith where it will not (or can not) not be destroyed by the willful actions of others…

There are opportunities out there worthy of your faith. Nature (or God if you prefer) guarantees this as surely as they guarantee that your expectations will not always align perfectly with the realities of an unforeseeable future.

If you formulate your personal expectations on a future based upon the perpetuation of false premises, then the burden of the consequence when those premises fail to deliver (or collapse outright) is YOURS to bear.

Blaming Obama for your own failings is, again, pointless (Echo….. echo….echo…)

You invested your faith in a faith based system; and you leveraged this faith to the point that you now face a margin call. 

When a margin call comes - your only choices are to pay it, or default.

Society does not have the "funds" to pay on this great margin call of faith... so default is the only reasonable direction all of this is heading.

Again, remember that nobody (not even society as a whole) owes you ANYTHING.

Expecting to win, without preparing to lose, will leave you with nothing but empty hope in your heart; and hope is nothing more than the mirror reflection of its twin sister despair.

Therefore, hope is not enough for me. I must have faith; and right now my faith is not in the form of investable capital… my faith only exists in the form of savings. So, I must hold onto it tightly, and find the opportunities that I trust to reward me for my investment.

And- to any of you out there who are predictably thinking "You need to invest your faith in God, Robert"  are TOTALLY missing the point - my faith in God, Nature, the Universe have never faltered - it is my faith in humanity (in total) that has become such a precious commodity to me.  

I mean, look deeply into the eyes of your neighbor, as they scream and curse about the insanities of a nameless, faceless “government gone wild” (while concurrently demonstrating their own insanity and hypocrisy in the process); and then go look into the eyes of a 6 year old as you sit across from them during a game of checkers.

Where should your faith be invested?

After all – the future belongs to THEM. Not us.

The default, the collapse of Empire, and the associated dark ages of consequence to follow are OURS (whether we like it or not). The following Renaissance and enlightenment will be theirs, IF we invest carefully and appropriately right now.

No politician, and no government, is worthy of my capital, because none of them will ever reward my precious investment of faith with any form of reciprocal care later in life…

From this moment forward, think CAREFULLY about where to invest. Your future depends on it….

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